Friday, April 20, 2007

Wolf Blitzer is hurting America
Purely for the sake of laziness - and not at all because I've signed my life away in the interests of half-price cable TV - I've directed my blogging energies toward this group effort at Macleans.ca. It's just like reading my inane opinions here, only now with 700% more pictures of Conrad Black. Here, like those cram sessions MTV runs, is a short anthology, organized by subject, for those who aren't already avid readers (it's all right, I don't cry anymore).

Fall Out Boy (Here and here)
Michael Jackson (Here and here.)
American Idol (Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here).
The Junos (Here and here.)
Keith Richards snorting his dad.
Old people listening to Joanna Newsom.
Guilty pleasures.
The Spider Man musical.

I suppose at some point I could start posting to both that blog and this blog. But I refer you to my earlier point about laziness.

And, yes, there are no comments allowed as yet at Macleans.ca (unless you're a former Liberal cabinet minister). I suppose you could write me angry e-mails. Maybe I could start a weekly mailbag or something. Some dude did just e-mail me about his girlfriend's underwear... (I'll get to that later.)


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