Monday, February 19, 2007

With That Said
I can't help but notice that we're long overdue for news of a second season for MuchMusic's awesomely depressing VJ Search: The Series. It was a year ago this month that the legendary-in-my-house show debuted on the nation's music station and I can only assume that the lack of news since means the franchise has been abandoned. Obviously this saddens me to no end.

That the show resulted in this guy (1)becoming a national television personality does nothing to change the fact that, for a couple months, MuchMusic had a show I made a point of watching on a regular basis. I can't remember the last time I could say that before VJ Search. I was probably 12. And dreaming of a day when Bryan Adams and Tom Cochrane might put their differences aside and come together to create the greatest tour my mind could ever imagine

Those were simpler times. Since VJ Search last aired, MTV Canada has come into my world and, like either a new love or an advanced strain of ebola, it has come to dominate my day-to-day existence. I can't imagine life without it. I just finished watching both The Hills and The Hills Aftershow. And somehow that seems an entirely reasonable way to spend an hour (2).

Anyway. Before we turn the chapter on that poignant period in our history, let's take one last look back at the show that set new standards for shamelessness, entertained at least three people I can think of and challenged us to confront the very serious issues of racism, feminism, adolescent angst, democracy and Steve Anthony. We laughed, we cried and each week a little bit more of us died inside.

The following are the episode recaps variously posted on this blog last year. Assuming MuchMusic has, quite rightly, burned all film of the series, these may one day stand as the only record that VJ Search ever existed.

Episode 2: The one with Raine Maida looking bored
Episodes 3 and 4: The one that gave us "Eau De Biyotch"
Episode 5: The one with the racism
Episode 6: The one where they eliminated the guy who alleged the racism
Episode 7: The one with Molly Sims
Episode 8: The one with the subtle discussion of homosexuality's virtues
Episode 9: The one where Tim came back and we all got a little dumber
Episode 10: The one where Tim won

(1) I saw him recently on an episode of MuchOnDemand and actually found the experience rather painful. His complete inability to communicate in public is no longer funny, it's just sort of excruciating. Isn't this sort of like letting a dog limp around on a broken leg? Shouldn't someone end this? How much longer can he possibly have left on his contract? Someone needs to end this.
(2) I've even moved on from VJ Leah, largely because I now have MTV Jessi, who may or may not actually be friends with a guy I know. MTV Jessi is like VJ Leah from the future. If I found out tomorrow that she was an alien or a robot I honestly wouldn't be at all surprised.

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