Monday, February 26, 2007

'My voice has settled down now and I can still sing in pitch; just with a more lower range.'
Marc from Torontoist brings news of a recent interview with Meryn Cadell, who I once suggested would make an ideal candidate for an all-celebrity edition of Canadian Idol. That Meryn is now both a dude and a university professor only emboldens me in this belief.

I'm also now offering five Canadian dollars to the first reader who can track down the current whereabouts of Kish.

HOLY CRAP UPDATE... Reader Terry (in the comments) unearths Kish's new career as a voice over guy. Here's Kish doing some TV promos, here he is doing some random commercials and here he is narrating various movie trailers (because you haven't really lived until you've heard one of the pioneers of Canadian rap hyping The Ringer). This site describes his talents thusly: "Cool & Hip, Natural and Very Real w/Touch of Urban--Japanese-British accents and a great range of characters." And according to IMDB, he's lent his talents to the Snoop Dogg episode of E! True Hollywood Story, various video games, an animated series and six episodes of Beef.

This is fantastic news.

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