Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Best Idea I've Had So Far This Year
Why didn't Boney M's masterful Ra-Ra-Rasputin (1) inspire more dance pop celebrations of great figures in Russian history. The possibilites seem endless.

I-I-Ivan (The Great)
I-I-Ivan (The Terrible)

I could go on, but you get the point. I really think this could work. Would someone please start a mildly scary Eurodance group and get this done? Maybe the Scissor Sisters could help.

(1) Frank Farian will probably never be inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame but he obviously should be. Boney M, alone, are better than 37% of the bands currently inducted, but Farian also gave us Milli Vanilli who are wrongly remembered as the worst thing in the history of popular music. For one thing, Milli Vanilli are not the worst thing in the history of popular music. That title obviously belongs to Joanna Newsom. For another, Milli Vanilli was actually a pretty remarkable achievement. Think about it. Frank Farian took two mildly weird looking European dudes, dressed them in ridiculous outfits, made them do silly dances and mime pop songs actually sung by studio musicians... and turned them into one of the 1980s most successful acts. Girl You Know It's True sold something like seven million copies and had three number one singles (Girl I'm Gonna Miss You, Baby Don't Forget My Number, Blame It On The Rain) and won them a Grammy. The essential fraud of Milli Vanilli doesn't make their success less impressive - it makes their success more impressive.

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