Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Great Moments In MuchMusic History #308
That time Britney broke up with K-Fed while he was being interviewed by Matte Babel.

After thinking about this far more than I should... All right, I realize I'm about to enter into a semi-serious discussion of MuchMusic's relative merits as a journalistic entity capable of breaking relevant and timely stories and I realize this is absolutely insane...

But how did MuchMusic miss this story? I mean, obviously MuchMusic isn't The New York Times and Matte Babel ain't David E. Sanger, but isn't this the sort of lapse that should generally inspire much (no pun intended) internal soul searching and probably result in someone getting fired?

Britney called it quits with K-Fed while he was being filmed by MuchMusic cameras. In fact, according to the video evidence, K-Fed was SITTING RIGHT BESIDE Matte Babel when Britney texted over her news. Federline proceeds to look crushed and VJ Matte later acknowledges that something seemed amiss and yet it's not MuchMusic, but TMZ.com that breaks the news? How is that possible? The biggest entertainment news story of the year is happening at the same dinner table and Much misses it? How does that happen?

Again, I understand, Matte Babel is not what most would consider a quote-unquote serious journalist. But you have to think Tanya Kim would have had this scoop if she'd be hanging out with K-Fed that night.

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