Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Aside From Inevitably Leading To Disaster, It's A Great Idea
So not only is Bob Rae a huge hip-hop head, but he also apparently reads Defamer enough to make Britney Spears analogies about Canadian politics.

"Harper's problem is that he fought against Meech and he fought viscerally against Charlottetown. So you know I have always thought the love affair between the people of Quebec and Stephen Harper made less sense than, you know, than Britney Spears's first marriage."

Unfortunately it's unclear whether Rae sees Harper as Britney Spears and Quebec as the briefly anonymous hick or vice versa.

Mere seconds later... No sooner had I hit the publish button then news of this was yelled jubilantly across my office. Somehow I blame Michael Ignatieff.

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