Friday, October 27, 2006

The Right Answer
My top ten list submitted for iheartmusic.net's annual ranking of the hottest acts in Canada. Anyone who does not agree is wrong.

1. Alexisonfire - So ridiculously under-valued. I generally have no time for screamy stuff, but I love this band. And I imagine that Dallas Green is basically a new Elvis for a generation of Canadian teenage girls.
2. k-os - Because his basic stance is: If you don't like me, there's something fundamentally wrong with you. Awesome.
3. Final Fantasy - Might actually be more impetuous than k-os. Not really a big fan of the music, but I encourage his success because it will inevitably be interesting.
4. The Tragically Hip - Write this down. Twenty-five years from now, long after they've more or less broken up, they're going to get back together, cut a live-off-the-floor acoustic record and subsequently bask in the glow of profound critical reassessment. Buy this stock now.
5. Malajube - Every anglophone's token French band after their Polaris performance.
6. Bedouin Soundclash - I wasn't entirely convinced. Then I saw them eating at a Bennigan's in Rochester, NY.
7. Billy Talent - They're so close to be a truly great band. At the very least, they've got the market cornered on ridiculous haircuts.
8. Nelly Furtado - Congratulations, you're no longer a one-hit wonder. You're a two-hit wonder. Who was out-sung by your producer on the latter.
9. Amy Millan - Not just because I got paid by her label to write her bio. I swear.
10. Eva Avila - Am I completely insane to believe Eva will be the first Canadian Idol winner to actually matter? Probably. But if loving her is wrong, I would prefer not to be right.

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