Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So I'm in Rochester, New York, seated at a table in famed American eatery Bennigan's, enjoying my buffalo chicken sandwich when I look over and see two guys from Bedouin Soundclash dining at a booth by the window. What on earth, I say to myself, are two guys from Bedouin Soundclash doing in Rochester, New York? Well, apparently they're playing a show tonight.

Anyway. This probably goes down as my second greatest restaurant-related brush with fame, just after the time I saw Bree Leslie Pucilowski at a Mexican place in Austin, Texas.

Also, this reminds me that Matthew at iheartmusic.net (apparently assuming it still exists) asked me a few weeks ago to contribute to his second annual list of the Hottest Acts in Canada.

Last year's top five was, in order, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Wolf Parade, Final Fantasy and Feist. Since then only Final Fantasy (I believe) has released another record (unless you count Feist's b-side thingy) and, with the Polaris win recently, he probably tops this year's poll pretty easily (all those dickhead music critics again failing to get behind their own).

I get to nominate ten acts, ranked one through ten. And now, as I digest that buffalo chicken sandwich and watch Law & Order rerun about freedom of the press in my hotel room, I ask myself, can I really leave Bedouin Soundclash off my list? They aren't really my thing. Seem like good guys. Obviously have great taste in restaurants... I'm just not a big fan. Still, the kids love them. Or so I grasp from my hour or two of MuchMusic each week (plus they had a diary on MTV and they don't just hand those out). And who am I to deny the kids?

(Other bands that probably should make the list but won't: the Tragically Hip, Sloan, Alexisonfire and of course... Shaye.)

(If I had to make up my top ten at this very moment, off the top of my head, it would be: 1. Alexisonfire. 2. k-os. 3. Final Fantasy. 4. The Tragically Hip. 5. Nelly Furtado. 6. The Hidden Cameras. 7. Malajube. 8. Cadence Weapon. 9. Metric. 10. Broken Social Scene.)

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