Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bob Rae: The Hip-Hop Candidate. Obviously.
From Julie Smyth's Ottawa notebook in Saturday's Post:

"Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae, fresh from skinny-dipping with Rick Mercer, will show off his musical talent at a gala concert and fundraiser on Wednesday in Toronto, where he will accompany singer Michelle Roth on piano. Mr. Rae is an accomplished pianist and composer and supporter of the arts. (Among the things he has taken credit for: a homegrown hip-hop scene in Toronto that he says resulted from a jobs program while he was premier of Ontario. He has also composed a song, called All in the Boat Now, about multiculturalism)."

(Emphasis mine. Obviously.)

Update. Adam Radwanski, the esteemed, gracious and remarkably talented managing editor of Macleans.ca, writes:

When I interviewed Kardinal Offishal last year, he explicitly gave credit to the NDP-era programs for giving kids like him a chance to hone their artistic skills, including rapping.

This obviously does not mean that Rae is a founding father of Toronto's hip-hop scene, but it's not entirely ludicrous to suggest he contributed to its development.

Agreed. There's certainly a case to be made for Rae on this account. In fact, I'd love to see him explicitly highlight his love of Canadian hip-hop at the Liberal convention next month. Surely it would win him one - maybe even two - delegates.

He would risk alienating Dan McTeague though.

(Hey, remember when The Globe wrote that editorial about 50 Cent? Ah, those were the days.)

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