Monday, September 18, 2006

This Counts As Irony, Right?
Music is good vibe.

For years parents have worried about sulky teenagers hiding in their bedrooms, stereo blasting. But listening to music can effectively improve a teenager's mood and does not leave them brooding and depressed, new research has found.

The University of Melbourne study contradicts long-held fears that music corrupts teenagers, and that aggressive music can fuel angry behaviour. Instead, the study has found listening to music such as heavy metal can actually make young people happier...

Ms O'Grady said the study's aim was to disprove stereotypes that music brainwashes young people.

"The motivation behind the study was to show the importance of how adolescents listen to music, and not what they listen to," she said. "You can't make blanket stereotypes because of one or two examples of people listening to music such as Marilyn Manson before they commit atrocities."

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