Sunday, September 3, 2006

'They were even allowed to style their hair the way they wanted'
My favourite part of the B4-4 story in Saturday's Post? The part about their epic feud with Len, of course.

They were celebrities, made celebrity friends and had celebrity problems. At the 2000 MuchMusic Awards after-party, the boys got into an argument with Marc Costanzo, lead singer for Ottawa's Len, whose song Steal My Sunshine was a 1999 hit.

''He said something really rude to us,'' says Ohad. ''He said something to piss us off, I can't remember what.'' Whatever it was, it struck a nerve with the group. ''We got in a huge fight with them, Ryan was gonna break his head. I almost beat the s--- out of him.''

On TV's Ed the Sock, Ryan threatened Len. ''He said something like, 'Trust me Len, you don't want to see me mad,' something like that.'' Ryan's comments were exactly the thing PG-rated boy bands have to avoid. ''We got a call from a record company the next day. Ryan got in trouble for saying that on live TV.''

Highly entertaining. Up until the point when we learn one of the B4-4 guys is living in a $5-million penthouse, working with Lou Pearlman and hoping to get his own reality show. Then things get a bit sad.

(Oh, and the other two? They have 4466 friends on MySpace.)

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