Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pop (All Love)'s First And Probably Last Not-Quite-Cross-Country Road Trip
Greetings from Edmonton, the City of Champions (not to be confused with here, here, here, here or here) and home of the 2006 World Cup... of women's rugby.

I come here not to enjoy the spectacle of rugged women cohesively beating the crap out of each other, but to launch what could very well be a thrilling education in the geography and people of Western and Central Canada. You see, a friend of mine, a periodic contributor to the comments section (identifying himself as P. Giddy), is moving his life eastward, from Smithers, B.C. to this sleepy nation's sleepy capital in Ottawa. And I've decided to join him for roughly 7/9 of this trip (you could make the argument that a better friend would have been there for the entirety of the trip and I would likely be forced to concede the point).

Anyway. Yee-haw... Edmonton! So far I've walked approximately two and a half blocks and already I reek of oil and capitalism. Other than that, my only other typically condescending observation is that perhaps, when they inevitably sell most of this province's natural resources to the United States or China, they can use the profits to move Edmonton's airport into the same time zone as the rest of the city. As it stands, it costs about $45 by taxi to get anywhere near this town after arriving by plane. (I suspect this may have been intentional - requiring all those entering or leaving the city to use that much more gas in the process).

Further remarks later. After I've, you know, at least had a meal here.

Otherwise, the rest of itinerary will look something like this:

Monday - Saskatoon
Tuesday - Winnipeg
Wednesday - Winnipeg
Thursday - Thunder Bay
Friday - Sault Ste Marie
Saturday - Pike Bay

That's right - two whole days in Winnipeg. Don't be afraid to say it, you're jealous, I know. Don't say I don't ever take you anywhere nice, dear reader.

Aside from travel notes I should have a longish post about Christina Aguilera and a spirited defence of Sam Roberts.

This blog just grows more exciting by the moment, doesn't it?

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