Friday, August 4, 2006

Hey, Remember When You Heard Stone Temple Pilots Had Broken Up? No? Me Neither
If you're half as cool as you think you are, you've surely heard by now that Death From Above 1979 (also known as Death From Above, but not, under any circumstance, DFA) have broken up. In lieu of a poignant obituary, herein some of the messages left by mourning fans at the band's MySpace page...

-Fuck this sucks
-i will still love you guys like i always have.
-I never thought I would hurt more than when Refused ended. but this hurt more!!!!!!!!!!!!
-It's crazy how this was your band, and it became my life... these kids lives... Thank you guys. I'll see you around on the streets.
-Hey why not just take a break for a bit. You guys were friends once so Im sure you can be friends again!
-Sad to hear DFA is no more... all the great bands leave us too soon...
-It is a sad day for music. I love you. I love like you were my own child. Goodbye, you beautiful bastards.
-its gonna take some time to recover.
-Gutted. I didn't get to see you yet. You were in my top three all time favourite bands along with Radiohead and The Cooper Temple Clause. This won't change. Reasons are understandable.....you have to do what makes you happy. DFA are proper original pirate material and there's no-one else like you nor will there ever be. Listening to your music changed me..for the better.
-Sucks about the split. You guys were good too. Maybe TOO good. Perhaps that was the problem.
-This proves that there is no God.
-You will be truly missed, especially by me! There was no band whose music was better to fuck to.
-Find a way to work out your differences for yourselves and the rest of us. You have a GREAT thing going and it would be a fucking travesty to call it quits now.
-moments in the grandscale of life create the legends we worship. *thank you*
-music needs you but we all need to grow up and you guys did that
-u guys own. u prolly get that a million times a day or w/e but yeah..
-Your music is sexy. You guys are sexy. Your fans are sexy. I think we should all get together and have a massive orgy.
-I agree with Olivia. I think an massive orgy should be in order.


(By the way, this is only surprising in that it is newsworthy. When you think about it, bands should be breaking up more often. As it stands, the average working, professional rock band arguably enjoys a more stable and longer lasting relationship than the average marriage. There are plenty of reasons for this of course - financial reward, the allure of fame, the long odds of finding a decent drummer to replace the current one - but it is entirely possible that the average rock star makes more of an effort to keep their band together than the average husband or wife does to keep their vows. Personally, I blame the movie industry. But in the interests of family values and saving the institution of marriage I think we have two options: either legalize polygamy... or encourage more families to form rock bands. Just look at all those smiles. Anyway. You can hear all about this in my upcoming Learning Annex seminar entitled: "Less Meat Loaf, More Guitar Solo: Saving The Modern Family Though Rock.")

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