Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Whatever the merits of her new record, I anxiously await the inevitable reconsideration of Michelle Branch. She was a total visionary. She was just a little bit too far ahead of her time. Consider:

1. She did the whole girl with a guitar thing about a year before Avril.
2. She did soft core porn before Avril.
3. She cozied up to Madonna way before Britney made out with her.
4. She had a slightly dodgy marriage four months before Britney married K-Fed.
5. She had her first child one month before Britney gave birth (giving it a dodgy name for extra credit).

She's basically the best parts of Britney plus the best parts of Avril. And that song she recorded with Santana isn't half as bad you remember it.

If she'd been born a blonde she'd be the biggest pop star in the world right now.

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