Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tomorrow: Young Jeezy Hangs With The Lombardi Trophy
(via Deadspin)

"Between pictures and video promos, the hip hop superstar took some time to explain how he got hooked on hockey. 'I grew up back in the days of the Omni, back when we had the Atlanta Flames,' he explained. 'We used to go to the games at the Omni. We even went ice skating back in the day. That's how I got into hockey in the A-T-L.'"

Related: Lil Jon at his first Thrashers game.

Atlantathrashers.com: Last question - how cool would it be if the Thrashers won the Stanley Cup?

Lil' Jon: That would be great - we'd have to put some crunk juice in the Cup, drink that out of it, it'd be awesome.

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