Wednesday, March 8, 2006

VJ Search Update: Now With Bonus Cleveland Commentary
I'll be honest, it's getting pretty hard to watch this show. But I soldier on. For you.

1. The most enthralling subplot at this point is this show's thinly veiled self-loathing. The judges hate the contestants. The contestants hate each other. And I'm not entirely sure anyone is all that interested in going through with the rest of the episodes. This week they went to Edmonton. To interview Shawn Desman. And Massari. In the process, I'm pretty sure the three remaining female contestants were called "trash" by some two-bit arena security guard.

2. And now a note from the producers:

Special Producers' Note: Erik Did NOT Use A Racial Epithet
In Episode 5 of VJ Search: The Series, VJ Search finalist Erik was accused by fellow finalist Frank of using a racial epithet during a heated discussion between the two in the VJ Search Penthouse.
We have carefully reviewed the tapes of the incident and for the record Erik did NOT use a racial epithet of any kind.
- VJ Search: The Series Producers

Glad we cleared that up.

3. Next week: Allegations of homophobia.

4. The saddest part: I'm pretty sure we're watching the slow demise of the Kardinal Era. CRTC regulations limit this country's recording industry to one Canadian rapper at a time and, with k-os in between records and Kish still unaccounted for, this was supposed to be Kardinal's time. But I don't know how he ever recovers from this show. I don't know how he ever washes away the stench of mediocrity. This is his BALCO. He's going to go down as the guy who had a mild hit with a remake of an Arrested Development song. That's it. It's kind of heart-breaking.

5. Steve Anthony, on the other hand... I sense a renaissance coming on. Seriously. First thing the new MTV Canada has to do is hire this guy to anchor some sort of wacky weekly game show.

6. Anyway. I'm in Cleveland right now (Cavaliers 106, Raptors 99). Can't really speak to whether or not this city does, in fact, "rock" but I did make it to a Ted Leo show tonight. First time in a long time that I've been to a show with honest-to-goodness fist pumping. Rock needs more fist pumping (more on this later).

7. Another observation: No one in Cleveland looks like what your father would consider "normal." (Granted, my survey size is small and generally restricted to a Ted Leo concert, where, it might be suggested, abnormal-looking people are more likely to congregate. But still. It was uncanny tonight. Even the seemingly "normal" were, upon further review, sporting peculiar haircuts. Or wearing shirts with eagles on them. Or standing little more than four feet tall. One guy was bleeding quite seriously from the forehead. Strange group altogether. And this leads me to believe that Cleveland is probably way more interesting than most other places.)

8. Anyway. Perhaps I should come back in a couple weeks to investigate further. Apparently the bar I was at tonight will be hosting Broken Social Scene's Jason Colette. Must be a new member.

9. Just in case we need reminding, here's why we have to continue watching MuchMusic's VJ Search: The eventual winner instantly becomes one of the 15 most visible and, arguably, influential, television personalities in this country. Scary, but true. Think about it. So far as TV personalities go there's Peter Mansbridge, Lloyd Robertson, the cast of eTalk Daily, Rick Mercer, Don Cherry, Bob McKenzie and the MuchMusic VJs. And let's just say the kids aren't taking their cues from Lloyd. Actually, I'd wager that if Statistics Canada wanted to blow a couple million they could probably do a nationwide survey of Canadian teenagers and learn that at least 20% of them see more of VJ Leah in an average week than they do their parents. That's messed up. But that's why we must watch. For the children.

At least that's the story I'm going with.

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