Friday, March 24, 2006

VJ Search Update: Now With Bonus Women's Television Network Commentary
I'm not sure what's more shocking: that the judges decided to toss two contestants this week or that the judges refrained from tossing all five. Onward...

1. Amazingly, I came away from this week's episode with a great appreciation for Molly Sims. I didn't think that was possible. Granted, this was all about free publicity, but Sims offered her time up to these hopeless kids and then went out of her way to actually help some of them through their interviews. She's a pro that Molly Sims. I actually believed she actually liked hanging around with a bunch of anonymous kids trying to get a job with a music network she's probably never heard of from a country she probably couldn't find on a map. That's sort of impressive.

2. I still can't figure out whether I find Sean endearing, necessary, objectionable or some combination thereof.

3. This week's episode started off with the contestants in the penthouse hot tub. I sort of wonder if this show would've been better served to have been conducted entirely in a hot tub.

4. The other contestants' nickname for Erik: Generic. It speaks to how low my expectations have sunk that I actually found this hilarious.

5. The SHOCKING TWIST at the end of this week's episode was that viewers will now have the opportunity to vote one of the losers back on to the show. Presumably so the loser can lose again, crushing whatever desire to go on living remained.

6. They say you can easily predict the outcome of the Super Bowl by watching the two teams in the week before the game - whichever team seems just happy to be there is almost certainly doomed to fail. The problem with applying this to the VJ Search is that all of the contestants seem endlessly thrilled with the opportunity to participate. Sean actually said this week that he considered his experience with the show to be among the greatest things to ever happen to him. I can only assume that this means Sean previously spent most of his life in suburban Baghdad.

7. How does Nikki not win this show?

8. Robin Black and Traci Melchor suggested at separate points that perhaps the reason the other contestants hate on Erik so much is because they secretly perceive him as their greatest threat - ie. hate equals quality. I would love to see this theory applied to other matters. Like, the reason I hate this show is because it's so good. Or the reason George W. Bush wanted Saddam Hussein eliminated is because Dubya envied Saddam's style of leadership. Hey, wait a second...

9. Hey, Gilmore Girls is on. Solid show that Gilmore Girls. Oh, don't look at me like that.

10. Casey Jo and Tim ended up being the two turfed. To be honest, Casey Jo never recovered from the haircut the show gave her. Tim was just too damn adorable. Pleading for his job he actually argued that there weren't enough nice people in the world. Beautiful.

11. Favourite moment: During Erik's impassioned plea to stay on the show, they cut to Steve Anthony who produced arguably his finest "Confused Steve Anthony" look of the year.

12. Second-favourite moment: During Erik's impassioned plea to stay on the show, he actually admitted that while some kids grew up dreaming of being doctors, he looked up to Rick the Temp. I actually wept.

P.S. Almost forgot to mention (thanks loyal reader Craig)... I caught a little bit of MuchMusic does Spring Break with VJ Leah. Phenomenal television. Just a couple drinks short of a Girls Gone Wild episode. I can't wait for Much's inevitable decision to start showing upper frontal nudity. It's going to happen.

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