Thursday, March 2, 2006

Nuke The Seals
Oh, go ahead, laugh. But you have to know that if John Lennon hadn't been shot, he'd be doing something twice as daft. Probably requiring him to be naked.

The best bits:

Jeremy Watson, 18, of Charlottetown was perplexed when asked about the former Beatle. "McCartney? It does sound familiar," he said uncertainly...

Rebecca Aldworth, spokeswoman for the Humane Society of the United States, said the group was trying to figure out what to do if the weather or the ice conditions are poor.

Earlier, the society's Andrew Plumbley said portions of ice off P.E.I.'s northern coast seemed to be thickening up after a recent cold snap.

"We are keeping our fingers crossed," Plumbley said from Charlottetown, where the couple is expected to be based in an undisclosed location. "We're checking the ice just to make sure because obviously we don't want Paul McCartney ending up in the water"...

McCartney will have to keep his hands to himself and avoid getting too close to the sometimes cantankerous creatures because federal regulations prohibit people from disturbing marine mammals "unless authorized to do so under a valid licence."

"That means people shouldn't be touching them," said Frank Ring, a spokesman for the federal Fisheries Department, adding that violations can lead to charges.

Plumbley said McCartney, the latest in a long list of celebrities to take up the cause of those opposed to the hunt, is expected to get fairly close to the seals, depending on how the animals responded to him.

"I imagine Paul will want to stroke one and if the seal's comfortable with that, well then he will do that," said Plumbley...

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