Wednesday, February 8, 2006

'I'll bring Sean to the table'
For seemingly obvious reasons I missed the first episode, but I think I said something at some point about obsessively blogging MuchMusic's new reality series VJ Search. Some quick thoughts on Episode Two.

1. First impression: I'm probably going to regret this. Very simply, this show isn't that good. It's not even like Paradise-Hotel-bad. Or Joe-Millionaire-bad. It's just bad. If we were betting (sorry, it's going to take awhile for the Super Bowl to work itself out of my brain), the over/under on this show's budget would be about $565. And most of that would be taken up by hair care for the host, Dina Pugliese.

2. Anyway. In Episode Two they cut the list from 20 to 10. Your finalists are: Casey-Jo, Erik, Frank, Larissa, Nathalie, Nikki, Norm, Rebecca, Sean and Tim. If you can find a casino willing to take your money on something like this, take Nikki or Erik. Probably the latter, because, I would wager, more 12-year-old girls than 12-year-old boys watch MuchMusic and ultimately that's who gets to decide this thing.

2. The judges are Steve Anthony, Robin Black, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. Which begs the question(s): Robin Black? Are you kidding me? Robin Black? When was the last time MuchMusic aired a Robin Black video? Does anyone know anyone who actually listens to Robin Black? And what exactly qualifies Robin Black as a VJ expert? Can someone walk me through this?

3. For their first challenge, the 20 contestants had to interview either Yellowcard or Our Lady Peace. Neither band seemed particularly interested in being there, but kudos to Yellowcard for pointing out that certain contestants stood a better chance of winning because they were hot. Refreshingly honest.

4. Sort of satisfying to see Raine Maida made to sit through that though.

5. The extent of the 'research package' each contestant received seemed to be a copy of the band's album and a record label bio. If this was in fact the case, why am I not at all surprised?

6. The apparent catch phrase for each dismissal: 'You're off the air.' I imagine the second choice was, 'You're no Diego Fuentes.'

7. Best quote from Episode Two, courtesy of Robin Black: "We're looking for somebody special." Because when I think about MuchMusic VJs, the first word that comes to mind is always, special.

8. Actually, the saving grace of this show might be the fact that they've given the finalists blogs. This is almost definitely going to be entertaining. Though not quite Paradise-Hotel-entertaining. In fact, it might even turn this show into meta-reality. (In Episode Two, somebody 'confessed' something about people having fake romances because they figured the producers would be more willing to keep them on the show if they thought there was something going on.)

9. On a completely unrelated note, apparently while I was away VJ Leah was involved in something that required her to learn how to pole dance. If this is true, I've learned my lesson: I'm never leaving the house again.

10. I promise I won't kill this show every week. That'll just get tedious. In fact, as a gesture of goodwill, I'm going to give the last word here to contestant Larissa, taken from her most recent blog entry:

"I'm looking outside watching the world evolve in front of me yet I cannot touch it. What a frustrating feeling of everything happening at once and still at the same time life is standing still."

So true.

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