Thursday, February 2, 2006

Detroit, Day 4
Strolled out of my hotel and happened upon the guy from Napolean Dynamite (you know, the one we won't remember this time next year) doing a radio interview. Then flipped through the local newspaper and discovered that Star Jones will be at a nearby bookstore today signing copies of her newest guide to human perfection.

Now I remember why I'm here.


The producer of Sunday's halftime show said today that there was room for spontaneity this year. With that his pants spontaneously burst into flames.


Super Bowl halftime shows really haven't been the same since they stopped building them around very particular themes. The seven best of all-time:

7. XXV: A Small World Salute to 25 Years of Super Bowl (New Kids on the Block)
6. XXIX: Indiana Jones & Temple of Forbidden Eye (Patti LaBelle, Tony Bennett, Arturo Sandoval and Miami Sound Machine)
5. XXVI: Winter Magic (Gloria Estefan, Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill)
4. XXIV: Salute to New Orleans/Snoopy's 40th Birthday (Pete Fountain, Doug Kershaw and Irma Thomas)
3. VII: Happiness Is. (University of Michigan Band and Woody Herman)
2. XXIII: Be Bop Bamboozled (South Florida-area dancers and performers and 3-D effects)
1. XXVII: Heal the World (Michael Jackson and 3,500 local children)

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