Wednesday, January 11, 2006

We Have A Winner
This just in from the Pop (all love) Decision Desk, according to our projections, with exactly 0% of the polls reporting, there is already a clear and decisive winner in the race to be 2006's single of the year. If our experts are correct, we are about to see a resounding victory for Hilary Duff.

That prediction is based primarily on the following two paragraphs from a recent Calgary Sun interview:

"Musically, the next thing we can expect from the Duff camp is a cover of Madonna's Material Girl she's recording with her sister, Haylie, for the soundtrack to the film Material Girls, starring the pair, which will be released sometime later this year.

"'Timbaland is producing that -- which is really cool,' she says of the song."

For the viewers at home, let's walk through the math:

Hilary Madden + Maxim cover girl Haylie + Apple Paltrow's favourite singer + Timbaland = Money in the bank.

I may have to adjust the Michael Jackson comeback plan to accomodate for this.

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