Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Subtlety, Thy Name Is...
Kanye West.

Now before we get all biblical about it, let's not forget that this has been done. (Video link here.)

You can hate him now. But he most likely won't stop now.

Update. I wouldn't want to make this stuff up even if I could.

"The new issue of Rolling Stone dropped today featuring Hip-Hop mega star Kanye West.  The music industry is buzzing regarding the cover, which features West adorning a crown of thorns and bloody gashes to depict himself as Jesus Christ.

"'Kanye is a mastermind at creating controversy through not only his music but his social and personal commentary,' explains Blue Williams, CEO of Family Tree Entertainment and long-time manager of Outkast and Nick Cannon.  'Nearly everyone in America knows who Kanye West is and his album sales speak to this fact.  The important question remains whether or not Corporate America will become afraid of aligning their Company with Kanye and hurt him in the wallet.'

"Kanye West was at the center of a major controversy just a few months ago when he verbally attacked President Bush on national television regarding the treatment of African-Americans during the Hurricane Katrina crisis.  What impact will this latest incident have on his endorsement deals and relationship with corporate America?

"To set up an interview with Blue Williams regarding this controversial topic please contact ----- ------ @ XXX-XXX-XXXX xXXX"

Update II. And here come the Catholics...

"This kind of thing has become commonplace," Donohue told us, recalling a crucifixion gambit pulled by People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals. "It's one thing to rip off Catholic iconography. It's quite another to exploit a poor soul like Kanye West. Anyone who is this morally and mentally challenged deserves our sympathy not our derision."

Heh. Mentally challenged.

Update III. Hold on. Other Catholics say Kanye was duped.

"If it is true that West is a morally confused black young man, it is also true that Rolling Stone is staffed by morally challenged white veterans: they are to West what white boxing agents in the 20th century were to black boxers—rip-off artists. It is not for nothing that West poses as a Christ-like figure on a magazine geared to whites."

Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially no longer playing around.

Update IV. HipHopMusicDotCom with insight in essay form.

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