Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Other 1.1 Percent
Aren't these results infinitely more interesting?

Independent 77,438
Christian Heritage Party 28,263
Progressive Canadian Party 14,441
Marijuana Party 9,259
Marxist-Leninist Party 9,249
Canadian Action 6,185
No Affiliation 5,205
Communist Party 3,127
Libertarian Party 2,995
First Peoples National Party 1,340
Western Block Party 1,094
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party 72

By the way, during Mike Duffy's live hit from the NDP celebration a bit ago on CTV, you could clearly hear Weezer's Say It Ain't So playing in the background. An odd choice for a pseudo-victory party, no?

Perhaps Melissa Auf der Maur was DJing.

Bonus snark. Do you suppose the Canadian Recording Industry Association made sure to include a money back guarantee with that fundraiser? Cause they might want to look into that now. (Full disclosure: This is my riding. And, yes, it was the most satisfying ballot I've ever cast.)

Furthermore. 52.5% of voters in Pickering-Scarborough East agree: Gangsta rap sucks.

Update III. More Melissa at Matt Good's blog. And apparently she's got her own blog too. When you think about it, we should probably be listening to her. She, more than most, knows what it's like to live under a fascist regime - what with her tenure in the Smashing Pumpkins and all.

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