Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If Only 14-Year-Olds Could Vote
Jack Layton, a man who would like to be the next prime minister of Canada (no really), was on MuchMusic's MuchOnDemand (when did it become cool to run the words together like that?) this evening. I'm not sure which was the best part - when he and VJ Leah raced on stationary bikes and Jack proved somewhat disturbingly competitive or when Much gave him a minute to stare into the camera and tell viewers why they should put down the PSP and vote for him, like, you know, whatever.

Ultimately it was probably just the fact alone that Jack Layton and Leah were forced to co-exist for 10 minutes that was most remarkable. All thanks to the magic of television. Well, the magic of television and the shamelessness of politics. Thank god for both.

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