Sunday, January 22, 2006

'I Say Fuck, You Say You' or 'You're Screaming For Yourselves'
With any luck, Liss will be by later with a report from the after-show party, but first... several issues raised by tonight's Broken Social Scene show.

1. TSN's Jay Onrait was about the biggest celebrity on hand. Somehow this makes me like both Onrait and Broken Social Scene more.

2. Ohad Benchetrit's addition to the team. It's nice to see BSS add some muscle in the physical sense. Ohad looks like he could probably bench-press Evan Cranley (in fact, I'd like to see this added to the set, please). Every group of friends needs that guy - the dude who can step in and sort things out when you're at the bar and somebody's had one or seven too many. Very necessary for breaking-up internal squabbles and scaring off outside threats. All due respect to BSS - somehow I imagine Brendan Canning could be an under-rated threat, one of those guys who snaps and kills you with your own arm or something - but they needed an enforcer.

3. Andrew Whiteman's slow evolution into Eddie Van Halen. People aren't paying enough attention to this. It's going to happen. Don't say I didn't warn you. (In the middle of Almost Crimes he broke into something really familiar? What was that? I want to believe it was the Magnum PI theme.)

4. The fact that Julie Penner is due some love. While everybody's going back and forth on Feist, Amy and Emily, Julie is the fourth seed slowly closing on them, perfectly positioned to steal the title in the final moments. The curls and violin convinced me of that tonight. She's like the NDP. If the NDP had a hope in hell. (Don't ask me what that makes the other three).

5. The 47-minute version of It's All Gonna Break. I'm pretty sure I zoned out for about a half hour on their traditional closer and when I came to they were still going. And only on the second climax. Thinking about it now, I realize that I could have left when they started, got in a cab and been home in bed before they finished. And I don't live anywhere near the venue. Anyway. The reason I bring this up is that I can't think of another song, television episode, book, movie, etc. that is already great, but that would get even that much better for every second you added to it. I mean, It's All Gonna Break is great at 11 minutes. But at 15 minutes it's 36% better than that, at half an hour it's a whopping 273% better and so on (Is the math right there?). Obviously almost all comparisons are hypothetical - though director's cuts are pretty standard now, aren't they? - but I can't name anything I currently consider genius that I know would be guaranteed to get even better the longer it got. Though the idea of a seven-hour version of Anchorman is somewhat intriguing.

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