Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Like God, Only Better
Mikal Gilmore celebrates John Lennon in Rolling Stone:

"Lennon had constructed the Beatles -- the group that in its time meant everything -- and then in his work after he left the band, he had strived for an honesty and an idealism that was unlike anything rock & roll had produced before. In doing so he threatened not just cultural conventions but also unforgiving powers, because he had an unusual command: He had made music that had moved the world...

"Nobody ever pushed the possibilities of rock & roll like John Lennon, and nobody in the music's history has really mattered as much."

(Slow clapping) Bra. Vo. Gilmore just climbed off his horse, removed his white gloves, used them to slap Rock N Roll across the face, then stepped back and made the "Yeah? What are you going to do about it?" face. Somewhere a Dylan fan's head just exploded.

Later he links Lennon's death to the decline of Western civilization. And the piece ends with a paragraph asking why humans, as a species, even continue to exist in a world without him.

(All right, I made that last part up. But the decline of Western civilization part is there.)

Note to our future children: Hi there, kiddo. Listen, I'm sort of obligated now to sit you down at some point and lecture you about the endless genius of Chris Martin and how he saved the post-9/11 world. Sorry. It's going to hurt us more than it hurts you. But it's nature's way. And no, you cannot borrow dad's flying car tonight.

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