Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Really Excited To See 50 Cent? (Or Both?)
Canadian Press details the pre-show security measures - pat-downs, metal detectors and video tapes.

Best part: "Toronto police Staff Sgt. Frank Besenthal said concertgoers were co-operative, and he denied the extra measures were prompted by past incidents at 50 Cent shows."

Er. Huh? So what did prompt the extra measures?

Meanwhile, Ottawa police are already moving to secure the nation's capital. Er. Sort of.

"Safety is always a concern, regardless of the genre of music," said Tom Conroy, vice-president and executive director of the Corel Centre. He said that even at family-friendly hockey games, the Corel Centre's security personnel work the entrances and confiscate bottles of beer.

"In fairness to this artist, I think we forget that there have actually been bigger shows here in the past 10 years that have entailed greater security details than 50 Cent," said Mr. Conroy, who chalks up the security risk to youthfulness and high energy shows that get the crowd involved.

By way of comparison, he pointed out that the band Green Day required about the same level of security for its September show, while U2 needed much more security for its November concert. He also noted that 50 Cent played the Corel Centre in April 2004, and the security planned for tomorrow night is nearly identical to what was provided then.

Well, you can't be too careful. Especially around that shifty-looking Adam Clayton. He's too quiet. Probably up to something. Keep an eye on him...

(Alternative punchline: Is the increased security at U2 concerts in Ottawa meant to protect the audience from criminal elements or is Paul Martin just scared of Bono?)

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