Monday, December 12, 2005

'Is Lennon Still An Icon To The Young?'
This is perhaps a question that could only seriously be asked in Britain. Or at least by Boomers.

The better question: Should Lennon still be an icon to the young?

The answer being, no. They should probably find their own rock stars to agonize over well into their 60s. Or, at the very least, they should have far more relevant things to worry about (acne, grade 12 calculus, where to acquire reasonably priced fake ID, Kelly Clarkson, etc.).

(You're probably not supposed to ask this out loud, but isn't it impossible to gauge Lennon's real value given how much of it is tied to the massive and powerful generation that idolized him. For instance, if Bono and Lennon switched places and times, who would be more revered? Probably Bono. Though not necessarily because Bono is intrinsically better than Lennon. Though you're welcome to make that argument.)

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