Tuesday, December 6, 2005

"Descriptions such as 'Elizabethan,' 'Celtic folk' and 'Eastern' have all been used by those who have heard the material..."
Can I not point out that Jeff Martin is now labelmates with William Hung?

No, I cannot.

Otherwise, I've been meaning to mention seeing Feist do a TV taping last week (that link has most of the relevant details). Nothing much I can say that I haven't said too many times already, but worth mentioning that she's pretty under-rated as a guitar player. If she was so inclined she could easily make her next record sound like PJ Harvey's Uh Huh Her and pull it off. (Actually it wouldn't be a bad idea to pull a Grohl and make the next one a double - one half hard, one half soft.)

Anyway. This is making for a particularly scattered post, but, finally, it's worth reading this New York Post story about John Lennon's final hours. Especially for how unromantic parts of it are:

"We then made arrangements to take John Lennon's body out of the hospital, because this was the type of case that would go to the New York City Medical Examiner. There was a receiving dock farther down 58th Street, toward the back of the hospital, that had a double entrance where you could close the outer door or the inner door, or both. They [pulled the car in, closed the outer doors] and then opened the inner door and we put his body in the morgue ambulance. There was actually another body in there at the time. I have no idea [who that was]."

If not darkly funny:

"At about 11:05, 11:10, the Muzak that's playing in the hospital plays the Beatles' All My Loving."

I had also either forgotten - or never actually known - that it was first announced by Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football.

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