Friday, December 9, 2005

Canada Draws The Line At Young Buck
50 Cent's entourage gets turned away at the border. (The Georgia Straight's review of his Vancouver show is here.)

Meanwhile, Kardinal Offishall, speaking with Dose, is unimpressed by Paul Martin's vow to ban handguns:

"It's kinda hilarious. It'll probably get him votes cause it sounds good to people who have no clue, but I don't think any of these shootings are from registered guns. So, they can ban it all they want, but it doesn't mean anything.

"These are usually not law-abiding citizens who have these guns and what's even scarier is that, sometimes, they're not even handguns anyway that are being used in the street.

"I'm no murderer, so I don't know the weapon of choice, but it's not the legal guns you have to worry about. It's not the legal gun carriers you have to care about. I think it's a photo op, but that's what they do - they're politicians. I'm interested to see what else he does. Where does it go from here?"

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