Friday, November 11, 2005

This Is Going To Be Fun
Noted pianist Sarah Slean has begun blogging for Maclean's. See if you can guess which of the following quotes is from her blog and which are from the magazine's other online diarists.

1) "I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Stanford, the Canadian Autoworkers' Union economist, recently for a televised panel discussion on the auto industry. He's a fine guy, very friendly and smart. So I take no pleasure in pointing out the utter fatuity of his column in the Globe this week scolding China for failing to open its market to Canadian exports."
2) "I'm now 200 pages into Doris Kearns Goodwin's titanic Lincoln biography, Team of Rivals, and so far the only disappointment is the lame title. It is a mighty, mighty book. Goodwin pulls the camera back and writes parallel biographies of Lincoln and of the men he defeated for the 1860 Republican nomination — then brought into his war cabinet. In its blend of human insight and sweeping pageantry, Team of Rivals is a cross between Richard Ben Cramer's What It Takes and Margaret MacMillan's Paris 1919."
3) "How I love this city. It's spirit is so vibrant and open and alive... always ready to dance recklessly... They cheer and laugh and throw roses at me (!!) I feel like a figure skater....the lighting girl pours delicious reds on me during Pilgirm, I'm channeling a vampire...."

Answer here.

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