Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Play Fighting With Kittens
Matthew at I Heart Music has posted the results of his hottest Canadian band of 2005 blogger poll. Arcade Fire won because really they were the correct answer.

Though we generally don't endorse aganozing over these things, due to action elsewhere we should probably clarify these comments of ours: "I really want the Arcade Fire fans and Broken fans to form separate and feuding groups, splitting the nation's indie kids down the middle. All of which would surely culminate in a cuddle party. Or monkey knife fight."

Let's be clear: We have no intention of drawing a line down the middle of the hipster record store. This has nothing to do with the precedent setting case of Canine v. Feline (a battle won decidedly, by the way, by the dog's representatives). You needn't pick one or the other. In fact, we can't even figure out why you would, seeing as both seem governed by the same basic ethos - 'Group hugs make the bad people go away.' That's why any Biggie-and-Tupac-esque feud in this situation would end in a cuddle party. Get it? Huh? Anybody?

All right, how about this? Broken Social Scene v. The Arcade Fire is basically the equivalent of Hulk Hogan v. The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI.

Now, you have to ignore the themes of old v. new and the current king passing the crown to the future king that were at work when Hogan and Warrior met for the WWF title. That stuff doesn't really apply in this case. But, otherwise, it's the same basic idea — the two greatest forces of good in a match-up free of villainy, betrayal or anyone cracking anyone else over the head with a steel chair. This almost never happens in professional wrestling. Someone always has to be the bad guy. Same with indie rock. Sure, it's not exactly sports (then again, neither is wrestling). But the cool kids are always picking sides. Something is always cooler than whatever everyone else is listening to. This though is that rare occasion when two bands of equal quality and cool can both be viewed as unquestioned forces of good.

Anyway. At Wrestlemania VI, Warrior beat Hogan with a big splash off the ropes. But guess what happened afterwards?

They hugged.

We rest our case.

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