Monday, November 28, 2005

Our Boobgate: A Nation Scandalized
Damn Americans, with their hip and their hop. First they send us 50 Cent to corrupt our young. Now they soil our national football championship.

Black Eyed Peas were on the Grey Cup menu Sunday as the Grammy-winning recording artists put on an energetic - and raunchy - hip-hop halftime show before a sellout crowd at B.C. Place...

Things took a turn for the sleazy when Fergie - adorned in short shorts and a black tank top - suggestively shook her derriere during My Humps...

Their performance was a far cry from the usual conservative Grey Cup halftime shows. Last year, Canadian icons The Tragically Hip entertained the crowd in Ottawa....

We promise right now to vote Liberal in the next election if Dan McTeague guarantees that a Liberal government would immediately move to have the Black Eyed Peas banned from this country. That's the sort of public policy we can get behind.

Update. Outrage! Courtesy of Chris Zelkovich in The Star:

"At risk of sounding like a geezer, what was with a half-time show that featured 'humps' and 'my lovely lady lumps?' Cole Porter it wasn't."

Meanwhile, The Edmonton Journal and Globe's Stephen Brunt hail Fergie's ass as great sign of Canadian tolerance. Sayeth Brunt:

"And our halftime show by Black Eyed Peas, fronted by the magnificently lascivious Fergie, surely would have set off a media firestorm by now had it taken place in the United States. Those who were shocked -- shocked -- by the sight of Janet Jackson's pierced nipple a couple of years back would have been traumatized having for the first time really listened to the lyrics of the band's current hit, My Hump."

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