Tuesday, November 8, 2005

If Only 50 Cent Could Play The Five
We don't generally defer to the wisdom of professional basketball players but the other night, apropos of nothing really, Eric Williams got to talking about Black Republicanism. So far as he sees it, Williams, whose life story isn't far from 50's, can provide for his family much better being a Republican than he could being a Democrat.

That's probably as good a summation of 50's Dubya-love as you'll find.

Anyway. A-Rad has already pointed this out, but it deserves as much ridicule as possible, so check out the Ontario PC Party's attempt to beef with 50 Cent:


Leeds-Grenville MPP Bob Runciman, the Ontario PC's critic for the Attorney General, today called on the McGuinty government and the City of Toronto to explain why they allowed a movie that glorifies youth gun crime to be filmed in Toronto and quite possibly, supported by Ontario taxpayers.

The movie, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" scheduled for public release next week, stars former drug dealer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Demonstrations against the movie have already occurred in Los Angeles.

"I think it's important to know why the city on one hand would issue a permit for the filming of this kind of movie and on the other suggest they're doing everything they can to discourage violent gun crime in the city," said Runciman, a former Solicitor General.

"It's also important to know if the provincial Liberals issued tax credits for this production" he continued. "If they did, it raises serious doubts about the sincerity of their commitment to combat gun crime."

"We can't forget that 50 Cent is the same guy that former Chief Julian Fantino tried to keep out of Toronto because of his history of promoting violence" Runciman stated.

See www.50cent.com


And to think, there are those who would have you believe the Ontario Conservatives have lost their focus since Mike Harris called it quits.

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