Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bowling For Canada
Well, if this doesn't solve the problem, fear not. Because this certainly will.

Says Dan McTeague, the honourable member of parliament for Pickering-Scarborough East: "I think it's time we send a message of our own to those who glorify violence that their gratuitous violence and movies are not welcome in our country. We need to do a better job at protecting Canadians from people who's message runs counter to all of our efforts of trying to curb gun violence."

Hey, go nuts Dan. We hate guns too. But if you're going to do it, don't just cherry-pick your villains - if you want to protect us, you've got to protect us from all those bad men. So quick, before the Conservatives pull the rug out, you've got to propose legislation that bans every rapper, rock star, professional athlete, author and movie star who has ever glorified violence from entering or residing in this country. Quentin Tarantino? Gone. Todd Bertuzzi? Out of here. Vin Diesel? (Especially Vin Diesel!) See ya later. And make sure that legislation covers the production of any films or television shows that involve anything more than a firm handshake. We certainly can't have that smut being produced in our neighbourhoods.

That would be taking a stand. A ridiculous stand. But at least a more principled stand than this.

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