Saturday, November 12, 2005

Alternate Title: 'What The World Was Like Before Cosmetic Dentistry'
While watching the documentary 'Who The Fuck Is Pete Doherty?' on MuchMoreMusic...

This kid really is the equivalent of rock n' roll's first indisputable snuff film. There wasn't wide enough TV and tabloid coverage to make anyone complicit in Elvis or any of the pioneers in this regard. And with Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith it was possible, however implausibly, to claim that death came as something of a surprise. The ole 'we thought he'd get through it' defence.

There is no such claim to be made with Doherty. Everyone knows how this is going to end. He's a limited engagement that could end at a moment's notice. That's basically his hook. It helps that he's rather adorable-looking and a great songwriter and, save for the drugs and fisticuffs, a pretty all-right chap. But it's obviously more important that he's so willing to live the rock n' roll fantasy. He's going to blow his brains out young and, with that obvious, we have a chance to romanticize him and mythologize him now (instead of waiting for the suicide to get on with it). He basically turns the dead rock star idea on its ear - getting all the posthumous glee in now. He has basically found a way to live out that old fantasy of finding out how you'll be eulogized without actually dying....

(Jesus... Paul Morley (music critic) basically just predicted Doherty will kick it in 2006. Though he did have enough sense to say something about us all having our fingerprints on the gun...)

... Is it made easier by the fact that Doherty, though obviously messed up, seems completely cognizant of what he's doing and why? He seems to entirely desire this. And it seems completely his choice. Is that what makes this ok?

Anyway. Oooh, tomorrow's MuchMoreMusic is going to air a Strange Love marathon.

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