Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pick Me
Slate's Jack Shafer discusses Apple fanatics. And also possibly indie rock experts and some percentage of music critics. To wit:

"Apple manipulates several narratives to continue to make its products interesting fodder for journalists. One is the never-ending story of mad genius Steve Jobs, who would be great copy if he were only the night manager of a Domino's pizza joint. The next is Apple's perpetual role as scrappy underdog — reporters love cheerleading for the underdog without ever pausing to explore why it isn't the overdog. (This is why the Brooklyn Dodgers will always rate higher in the minds of writers than the superior New York Yankees.) Apple incites fanaticism about its products via ad campaigns and evangelist outreach programs designed to make its customers feel as though they're part of a privileged and enlightened elite. One unnamed loser at Slate says today's V-iPod news made her want to rush out and buy one, even though she already owns two iPods, one of which she bought three weeks ago."

Various bounts of emphasis ours.

Vaguely related: Here, our old student newspaper attempts to explain the Indier Than Thou. And here, a writer at our old student newspaper discloses a crush on Ryan Cabrera.

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