Tuesday, October 18, 2005

'More or less every instance of Pareles' mistake — in fact the entire review — is bullshit.'
This just strikes us as unnecessary.

Update. Actually, we're going to take a minute, perhaps two, to defend Pareles here.

Now, sure, it's a tremendous amount of fun to suss out cracks in the Great and Noble New York Times. Let's all point and laugh. It'll make everyone feel a little bit better about themselves. Especially those of us who have found publications willing to pay for our scribbles and who have never ever ever put our name to a single mistaken word.

That said, put your hand over the Montreal bits and read the review again. Sort of like this:

"There's a thick haze - part experimentation, part pretension, part perversity - over the songs on "Broken Social Scene." It's the third album by Broken Social Scene, a Canadian band that doesn't want to make its music too easy...

"The production is defiantly cluttered, with multiple drum tracks, stray horn sections, instruments run backward and voices and effects arriving out of nowhere. Lead vocals are buried in the mix, and many lyrics are slurred and swallowed... The album looks back fondly to Pavement, which made its substantial guitar hooks and melodies sound rickety and distracted... guitar lines leap out of songs like '7/4 (Shoreline),' 'Fire Eye'd Boy' and 'Superconnected,' and so do refrains like 'Give 'em all the slip,' and 'I really don't want to think about those things anymore.'

"The murk clears for the album's finale, 'It's All Gonna Break,' but that song carries the album's least broadcastable lyrics. It's easy to sympathize with a band that doesn't want to sell out. But Broken Social Scene confuses integrity with indulgence, burying good songs under way too much studio tomfoolery

That's actually a pretty fair review. You may not agree with it's ultimate conclusion, but you'd be hard-pressed to argue that Broken Social Scene isn't a rather fuzzy record. Thus, if you were feeling so charitable, you might conclude that Mr. Pareles is not a complete idiot.

Yeah, we know, that spoils all the fun. Sorry. Our collective indignation could just be so much better directed. Fight the real enemy.

Vaguely related: J.D. on fact-checking.

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