Monday, October 24, 2005

Jeff Martin Quote Of The Week
"The three of us were discussing another record, but I just found myself not being inspired to write another one for that vehicle. Something about it wasn't making sense to me and once I had a chance to just get away and to think about it, the realization was that, yes, the artistic destiny had been fulfilled."
-Jeff Martin to Jam Showbiz.

It's sort of inevitable that this guy is going to get his own show once CTV gets the new MTV Canada up and running, isn't it? See Jeff Martin record his epic solo album. Hear Jeff Martin discuss his epic vision. Watch as Jeff Martin makes an epic ham sandwich for lunch. It's going to be genius. And you know you'll watch. You'll have to.

Actually the better idea is probably this: The Other Two need to launch their own televised search for a replacement lead singer. But instead of searching the country for unknown amateurs, the search should be restricted to past and present Canadian musicians who have already achieved some amount of fame. A tentative list of finalists: Jian Ghomeshi, Andy Creegan, Raffi, Ashley MacIsaac, the curly haired kid from Hot Hot Heat, Kish, Paul Anka, David Usher, Warren Kinsella, one of the Moffats, the drummer from Sum 41, Fefe Dobson, Sean Paul, the three guys from Bedouin Soundclash and Amy Milan. For the duration of the competition all finalists would have to share a cottage in Muskoka and complete a series of increasingly wacky stunts (Take A Seminar In Middle East Politics From Raine Maida!, Spend A Weekend In Vegas Wagering On Pro Football With Celine Dion! or Wash Alanis Morissette's Hair!) meant to reinforce the importance of co-operation and humility. Winner and their new band receive an automatic Juno nomination and a highly coveted spot opening for Kalan Porter on his next national tour.

Somebody get us a CTV producer on the line. This has to happen.

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