Monday, October 24, 2005

In Which Our Hero Returns From A Weekend Visit To An Old University Pub That Is Now A Cafeteria
What is it about the Counting Crows and university? Are the Counting Crows more interesting to listeners of that age? Do they speak to the confusion of university-aged minds? Is the hormonal balance in the recently post-adolescent mind just so as to make the Counting Crows particularly appealing?

Seriously. Someone needs to look into this. Please.

Anyway. In other news, Ashlee Simpson is the new Liz Phair. Or at least 21 points worserer.

Quick quiz: Which of the following sentences are from Ashlee reviews and which are from Liz reviews? No looking at the links above. Go.

1) "If she still manages to retain a major label recording contract after this bomb, that'll be the real miracle."
2) "[Her] thin, reedy voice just isn't suited for big, overblown productions like this."
3) "In venturing to offer something for everyone, [she] offers nothing for anyone."
4) "Most tracks have a commercial sheen that makes the songs sound like they were custom-made to be played in the background of pivotal scenes on The O.C."
5) "Mindless drivel."
6) "Every song feels like a retread of some hit you've heard before, somewhere."
7) "The pop hooks are there, but we can't shake the feeling that the sentiments come off as phony."

Answers later in comments.

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