Friday, September 9, 2005

The Wheels Of Justice Spin Fast In Orange County or Dead Horses
After one episode it seems clear the O.C. is battling its own version of the Problematic Third Album - in which a band attempts to take what has made it successful over the first two records and multiply that by a thousand; assuming that it will make them a thousand times more successful, only to learn that it actually makes them a thousand times more self-conscious and boring. In the O.C.'s case this means an average rate of 5.6 improbable plot twists per minute.

The cliched example of PTA is Oasis and Be Here Now. Though that particular PTA is equally explained by Problematic Cocaine Addiction. A more recent example might be Coldplay and X&Y (though, at least at the moment, we tend to think Fix You is just a shade shy of genius).

Speaking of which (all right, to be honest, this is what we wanted to mention in the first place), here is a recent review from The New York Times, a large circulation periodical of some repute. It discusses a certain Chris Martin and a certain band of his. That's all. If you think it raises the issue of sincerity in pop music, that's your problem bud. You said it. Not us though. We know far better. So go take it up with someone else.

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