Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"A full-blown topic of public policy debate."
Dan Froomkin at the Washington Post just goes ahead and asks: Was Kanye West right?

To wit: "The latest Gallup cuts to the chase and asks: 'Do you think George W. Bush does - or does not - care about black people?'

"Among blacks, 21 percent say he does and 72 percent say he doesn't. Among whites, 67 percent say he does and 26 percent say he doesn't. Overall, 62 percent say he does and 31 percent say he doesn't.

"Obviously, that's a pretty dramatic rift. But consider the absolute numbers: Three out of four blacks, one out of four whites, and one out of three people across the country regardless of race actually believe that President Bush doesn't care about black people.

"Sorry, but the question: 'Does the president of the United State care about black people' should be a no-brainer.
Of course he does should be the overwhelmingly common answer.

"Here's a question for Washington's punditocracy: What percentage of people believing that the president doesn't care about black people should be considered alarming?

(More university press reaction from Temple, Southern, MIT, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Southwest Baptist and UNLV.)

(Semi-rhetorical question of the day: When was the last time anything in pop music ignited a "full-blown... public policy debate?")

(Today's biggest lesson: You may not be able to stop it, but you can begin to contain it.)

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