Wednesday, August 31, 2005

There Will Be No Points For Prescience
The most significant news contained in this story is not that two Ottawa radio stations have decided to pull New Orleans Is Sinking from their respective playlists, but that 16 years after it was released, the song is still being played two or three times a week.

Of course while radio station programmers are ever so sensitive to the larger issues in our society and quick to act in the best interests of the greater good, the actual people on the ground have no problem referencing the Hip classic as their city washes away (scroll down to 13th graph).

Update.We're not going to regularly link to music-related Katrina coverage (99% of it being completely irrelevant), but, further to the ongoing discussion here, it's worth noting that in the apparent absence of leadership, Harry Connick Jr. has taken charge. Read that last part again.

Also: Celine Dion is donating a million bucks to the relief effort.

And this seems a rather necessary read.

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