Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Several Things That Have Nothing To Do With Major League Baseball. At Least So Far As We Know.
In no particular order.

Shawn Desman's video for Red Hair. Though we generally give the music industry very little credit, it boggles the mind that such an unironic, profoundly awful bit of promotion is even possible. From conception to production to delivery there had to have been at least a dozen people who had the power to say stop. To question the director's vision. To ask whether the shot where Shawn looks into the camera and expresses befuddlement was a bit much. To wonder whether it was necessary to have Shawn do that at least twice. And yet, there it is. Arguably the worst music video of the decade. It isn't even good bad. Or sexy bad. Just bad. Which is too bad. Because we're all going to end up regretting it in 20 years.
The least relevant Hurricance Katrina story.
Suge Knight's nearly insurmountable lead in the race to win the first annual PopWherry Gangsta of the Year award. If you look closely at the photo in that story you will see that Suge has, while being loaded into a waiting ambulance, pulled out his cellphone to make a quick call. Dude has business to take care of and he ain't going to let a little shooting disrupt his schedule. In fact, he was probably calling the shooter to arrange a time for the payback. (Suge almost has to have a reality show by fall 2006 now, no? Probably an Apprentice spin-off.)
Optimus Crime finds Suge's shooter.
FeFe Dobson, in her new bio, discusses a meeting with Courtney Love: "I had this really great moment where she invited me over to her rehearsal space, and she was like, 'Fefe, what we need is women to stand up and not take any fucking shit,' and at first I was like, 'Okayyy,' but then I was listening to her, and I was like, 'Hell yeah, I should celebrate that I have tits and that guys bow down to us because we’re powerful.' I really took that and ran with it."

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