Thursday, August 11, 2005

Payola Works.
Stopping in Cache Creek, British Columbia (several hours northeast of Vancouver) for gas a couple days ago, we found the station attendant listening to Franz Ferdinand's Burn This City on the radio. So there.

(We're currently touring Canada's left coast on vacation. If it wasn't dark outside we'd tell you we could see mountains from where we sit right now. Nonetheless, this should explain a) why we haven't been around here much lately and b) why we found ourselves in Cache Creek. Anyway. Remind us to tell you about the motel in Lac La Hache that had an autographed picture of Lisa Brokop behind the counter and the roadside store that advertised prominently both icey drinks and Brooks & Dunn t-shirts. For those keeping score at home, we are currently here. We will spend most of the next two days here.)

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