Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You Do It
Sure. This INXS business is a bit daft. But it does mean that the SFJ-approved Tara Sloane is now blogging. And here are the words she would like to live by:

I will create my day
I will create my reality, moment to moment
I will change my mind
I will open myself to the infinite realm of possibility
I will leave room for auspicious coincidence
I will not decide what is next
I will not decide what is real
I will not expect
I will have confidence
I will boycott self-doubt
I will have confidence to go beyond hesitation
I will not be afraid to be afraid
I will remember who I am

Oh, yeah. I will also have fun...

Also: She will reserve the right to misname Radiohead's video for Just. Probably unironically.

(And if there is any saving grace in this thing it's that it is so completely free of irony.)

(Suggested twist for the finale: Immediately after the winner is announced, just as he/she is raising his/her arms in celebration amid confetti and satanic hand gestures, Brooke Burke takes him/her out from behind with a steel chair. At that point we learn the entire production has been a clever ruse. Who we think is Brooke Burke then pulls off a cleverly designed mask to reveal Courntey Love. Or Terence Trent D'Arby. The joke is on us. World domination ensues.)

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