Saturday, July 16, 2005

Is anyone honestly surprised by this? Seriously?

Buried in the "Encore" album notes is a line that reads, "To my fans ... I'm sorry," adjacent to an image of a bullet. Really? Buried? On our copy, IT'S WRITTEN ON THE RECORD ITSELF.

In November, Eminem unveiled his mind-set for everybody -- and nobody caught on. His new album was titled "Encore," complete with a cover photo that showed him taking a bow. For his fourth release since his 1999 breakout, Eminem had chosen to announce the end of the show.

"I was actually pretty shocked when no one picked up on the concept," said manager Rosenberg.

Yeah, well, that bit at the end where he fired on his audience and then turned the gun on himself (complete with bloody depictions in the liner notes and a picture of Em holding a gun in his mouth on the inside back cover, his finger on the trigger) was pretty subtle.

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