Saturday, June 18, 2005

You Can Go Your Own Way
Brendan O'Neill over at Salon:

"Indeed, listening to Coldplay's new album 'X&Y' is a lot like listening to a speech by Tony Blair: You're made to believe that you are hearing something Big and Important, but scratch the surface and there is very little heart or soul underneath. When he's giving a public speech, Blair's theatrical glottal stops and pained expressions say, 'Listen to me, I'm saying something profound!' as do the epic guitar riffs and Martin's earnest vocalizing on 'X&Y.' But both Blair's and Coldplay's performances feel too forced and formulaic to be taken seriously: Blair in public-speaking mode comes across as an actor trying too hard to please, while Martin and Co. seem to have written their latest Big Tunes by rote, conspiring to get the audience waving our lighters in the air whether we want to or not. As Harris says, Coldplay is now writing 'anthems for anthems' sake.'"

Er. Dare we say that makes four major pieces questioning their sincerity? Oh nevermind...

Also, there is this. From Noel Gallagher (via our colleague Adam Radwanski):

"I think Coldplay are at that point now where we were in '97, where they've kind of transcended themselves... I don't envy the position they're in, because what happens is you know before you sit down to write a note that all these songs are going to be played in football stadiums... so you have to justify playing to 80,000 people. So all these songs become really overblown and grandiose. And I think that's where Coldplay are at now. You listen to one song and you're exhausted by the end of it."

Write this down. The next Coldplay album can only go one of two ways:

1) The Back-To-What-Got-Us Here record, sounding more like Parachutes
2) The Reinventing/Killing-Our-Grandiose-Selves record, sounding more like Kid A

(Or maybe they'll pull a Third Way move a la the Foo and do a hard/soft double...)

Update. We haven't much time for Adam Green. A little too... something. But here we go again with the Coldplay and the sincer... err... lack of... err... oh nevermind. (via Maggie)

"The way I write songs, they know I'm just some kid. I'm not all that unusual, but the listener knows where it's coming from: personal experiences. I like my songs to be like a real person and have a personality. Someone who can't sing a song without any humour in it, they have a serious problem... Coldplay have a serious, unforgivable flaw. I can't allow Chris Martin to sing to me; I can't get into it. Music is like a love affair: you put on the headphones and get intimate. You can't get with someone who doesn't give it to you the way you like it."

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