Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pick It
We should probably say something smart about Neil Young or Avril Lavigne right now, but we really just want to talk about Tom Cochrane. We were once no small fan of Tom Cochrane (are we inventing this or did he have a video during the Life Is A Highway era that featured him climbing the scaffolding at some concert like a Prairie-boy Iggy Pop?). Now, we simply delight in his inadvertent wisdom.

Here, Cochrane sounds off on Live 8. First, he tries to defend the line-up. Though, of course, he himself suggested they go younger.

Then, though, comes the real genius - as Cochrane is asked to explain the purpose of the proceedings.

It is not, he notes, about the money. And, he concedes, education of the masses is a problematic objective as well - "It's tougher obviously when you're talking to 30,000 people to get some of these points across." So... what then?

"Hopefully, we'll generate some positive energy."

Brilliant. Who can argue with that explanation? It's the equivalent of a beauty queen contestant wishing for world peace. It is unassailable. Entirely obscure and imcomprehensible, but so obviously worthy of pursuit. Who doesn't love positive energy? Who would dare speak out against positive energy? Clearly only a puppy-eating monster could seek anything other than positive energy.

As a general rule this should be used to explain away everything of questionable motive from now on (including, but not limited to: the Iraq War, Michael Jackson's bedroom habits and the new Oasis album).

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