Thursday, June 2, 2005

Never Met A Critic
We said this to someone at the Coldplay show last month, so we might as well say it here too - we thinks Chris, Will, Jonny and Guy sort of need to fail on this one. Too much smoke up the ass makes one bloated. All praise and no guff makes Coldplay a dull(er) band.

Don't get us wrong. We quite love this band. More than we have any right to, as one friend and fellow fan once put it (hi mark). But X&Y is not genius. Not close. And the less willing people are to say as much, the more likely the next one will be worse. And then we'll just to have to go through the backlash thing. Best to gently correct now, no?

Anyway. It's ugly out there, kids.

All of which is a long way of saying that we'd like to applaud the discretion of the respective critics from Now and Eye.

Update. Winnipeg Sun gives it 4.5 stars. To wit: "[I]mpeccably elegant works that approach the anthemic majesty of U2, mixed with haunting echoes of everyone from Kraftwerk and Radiohead to Prince and Pink Floyd" and yet, "these cuts are slightly smaller and more intimate." Sigh.

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